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Check out BunkerHead and how our revolutionary No-Touch Facemask and Hoodie can transform your hunting experience.  Check out the SunShiled for protection from the sun.  Attach to any baseball cap you already own and your ready to go!

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  • BunkerHead Commercial
    by philbullock1223@gmail.com on October 6, 2015 at 5:42 PM
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    BunkerHead Commercial

  • BunkerHead on CSN Houston
    by philbullock1223@gmail.com on January 2, 2014 at 11:28 PM
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    See BunkerHead on CSN Houston!

  • BunkerHead Instructional Video
    by philbullock1223@gmail.com on January 1, 2014 at 10:55 AM
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    Check out how to use your BunkerHead. This instructional video details how our revolutionary BunkerHead system can improve the way you hunt and fish. With dozens of patterns and various fabrics, our BunkerHead system is the perfect addition to you hunting and fishing apparel.

  • Bunkerhead on The Outdoor Shopper
    by philbullock1223@gmail.com on January 1, 2014 at 10:53 AM
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    As hunters, we all have experienced aggravation with a facemask or two. Here’s the scenario…the game animal you are pursuing just walks into view and you prepare your gun for the perfect placement of an ethical shot. You plant cheek-to-stock to line up for the shot and your face mask creeps up your nose and slides into your eye making it necessary to either adjust it, push it down as a neck gaiter or remove it entirely wasting critical seconds.

    Here’s another one for you…it’s a 90 degree spring day in the hot, humid South where you are hunting turkey in the hardwoods or hogs in the swamps. You don’t have to DO anything to work up a sweat; just sitting there completely covered in camo will do that for you. Your facemask is hot, itchy, and constricting and sticks to your face which makes it necessary to pull it down and breathe in the thick, hot, moist air. Of course it leaves you feeling absolutely miserable. You know what I’m talking about!

    And what about your winter hunts? We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of constantly having to remove our mask to keep moisture and ice from building up around the nose and mouth because our glasses fog over while hunting large game or ducks in frozen temperatures. It’s a hassle and robs us of precious seconds needed to focus on the hunt. 

    Well, I’m happy to report those scenarios are now a THING OF THE PAST! The BunkerHead No-Touch Facemask and Hoodie is designed for total comfort and concealment and can be custom-fit to your liking on the fly. And, as the name implies, it doesn’t touch your face!

    This unique system can be attached to your favorite style ball cap by use of the key part of the system called “Bunkers.” Bunkers are available in several colors to match the main color on ball caps so they do not need to be removed. The Bunker includes a wire tension clip that slides onto the cap bill and two holes for the systems facemask and hoodie application.

    A shape-able rubber covered wire on the facemask is the key design of the no-touch mask. The mask can be readjusted, pushed down in a passive position or can be conveniently removed from the hat leaving the bunkers in place for reattaching when needed again. The hoodie has a rubber-coated wire that securely runs through one of the holes in the bunker and is secured by folding it back.

    The lockdown tether that stretches between the two Bunkers across the bill of the ball cap can be used to attach leafy branches for concealment or to store a turkey mouth call. It can also hold your sunglasses in place on the cap bill without fear of losing or dropping the glasses while you are not using them.

    The BunkerHead facemask and hoodie can be worn separately or in combination with each other and provides for no restriction of head movement or loss of peripheral vision; a small Velcro tab keeps the combination in perfect position. The facemask and hoodie can be adjusted to whatever hunting conditions require. The product can be rolled up and easily stored in your pocket or a backpack until needed. The BunkerHead products are machine washable, but it is recommended that the product be hand-washed.

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