Sunglass lockdown for hunting and fishing outdoors
Leafy Lockdown for hunting with indigenous camouflage camo

BunkerHead Bunker Clips

The patent-pending Bunker Clips provide the means by which our various BunkerHead System™ attachments are quickly and easily secured to any baseball-style cap. No longer does a person need a special cap dedicated forhunting headgear or outdoor headwear.

Constructed of high-quality recycled plastic with stainless steel spring clips, the Bunkers are designed so they conveniently attach to either side of any baseball cap brim (i.e., there is no left or right) and can quickly and easily be transferred from one cap to another.

The Bunkers have two holes. The inside hole is designed to receive the BunkerHead System™ Hoodie or Sunshield attachments. The outside hole is designed to receive the BunkerHead System™ Face Mask attachment. Simply clip the Bunkers onto the cap, connect the desired attachment(s), and let the fun begin!

The Bunkers are connected to each other by an elastic “Sunglasses Lockdown” Tether. The Lockdown Tether spans across the cap brim. At the end of the day, or whenever you will no longer need your sunglasses for a period of time, simply turn them upside down, slide the ends through each of the “gaps” formed where the Tether connects to the Bunker Clips, and push the Sunglasses onto the cap until the Tether is in contact with the lenses. They are now securely “locked down” and will not fall off. When the Sunglasses are needed again, simply pull them forward and the Lockdown Tether will automatically release the Sunglasses.

Bunker Clip Colors Offered

The BunkerHead Bunker Clips come in multiple colors.  Some colors are not offered at all times depending on season and demand.  Check our Online Store to see the colors we currently offer.

Bunker colors for bunkerhead no-touch facemask and hunting system

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