SunShield Fabric Colors

Fabric color of Bunkerhead sunshield for sun protection cap and hat

SunShield Trim Colors

Purple for protection of the sun from the wind
Marroon color of sunshield for sun protection hat and quick simple protection
Red color of sunshield for sun protection SPF factor from sunburn

BunkerHead SunShields

Interested in a sun protection attachment that works? Wouldn’t you prefer to wear your favorite baseball cap when you’re fishing, hiking, boating, gardening, or just enjoying the great outdoors? Aren't you tired of having to purchase single-purpose sun hats? Well, fret no more! Your problems are solved with the BunkerHead System SunShield!

Used with our patent-pending decorative “Bunker” clips, the SunShield outdoor headwear is designed to quickly and easily attach to any base-ball style cap. The SunShield is made of a light-weight, soft, water-repelling, microfiber fabric with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50! The SunShield comfortably protects the back of your neck and ears and is perfect for any hot sunny day. As an ingenious bonus, the “Bunker” clips are designed to quickly and easily secure your sunglasses to your cap so you never again have to worry where you should store them when the sun goes down!

Designed for ease and versatility, the SunShield is one-size fits all. The fabric is available in khaki with a variety of trim colors, including green, blue, red, maroon, burnt orange, purple, or camouflage. For an added charged, customized colors and/or logos can be provided upon request.

Sunglass lockdown for sunglass outdoors lockdown
Lure Lockdown for fishing and sun protection hat from the wind

BunkerHead™ Fabrics Offered

Currently the BunkerHead SunShields™ come in a single fabric type.

  1. Twill light-weight 100% polyester twill for use in summer/hot weather conditions 

BunkerHead™ Patterns Offered

Currently the BunkerHead Sunshields™ come in a single fabric color (tan) with variable trim colors (seen to the left).  Check our Online Store to see the patterns we currently offer.

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