Facemask star to showcase no-touch ability

Mossy Oak

Real Tree

Hill Country Camo


Solid Colors

Solid Black face cover color for hunting at night
Safe Sold Orange for public hunting deer in safety

BunkerHead No-Touch Facemask and Hoodie (The System)

Diagram on BunkerHead Combo Face masks

The BunkerHead™ System combines the BunkerHead™ Facemask and the BunkerHead™ Hoodie.

The BunkerHead™ Facemask is a simple, light-weight No-Touch™ hunting facemask that is formable to any desired position for total comfort and concealment.

The BunkerHead™ Hoodie hunting headgear is designed to provide both total concealment and/or warmth when desired, all while in total comfort. With the BunkerHead™ Hoodie, there is no restriction to head movement, or loss of peripheral vision, as experienced with conventional hooded jackets and other hunting headwear.

Utilize the BunkerHead Sunglass and Leaf Lockdown with the System also!

Sunglasses Protection for BunkerHead
Leafty Lockdown for BunkerHead Facemasks

BunkerHead™ Fabrics Offered

Currently the BunkerHead Facemasks™ come in a variety of fabric types to best match your particular hunting needs.  BunkerHead carries the fabric types below, but only offers certain fabrics depending on season and demand.  Check our Online Store to see the fabrics we currently offer.

  1. Bug Netting – light-weight 100% polyester bug mesh for use in summer/hot weather conditions.
  2. Cotton – A cotton sheeting that is mid-weight 100% cotton weave for use in fall/spring hunting conditions.
  3. Fleece – Heavier Weight 100% Cotton Fleece for use in colder weather. A liner will be needed for extreme temperatures. This fabric is made in the USA.
  4. 3D Bug Net – light-weight 3D mesh for use in summer/hot weather conditions.  3D leaf look

BunkerHead™ Patterns Offered

Currently the BunkerHead Facemasks™ come in a variety of fabric patterns that are shown to the left to best match your particular hunting needs.  BunkerHead is licensed to carry the patterns below, but only offers certain patterns depending on season and demand.  Check our Online Store to see the patterns we currently offer.

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