Team Real Tree

Realtree ® is the creator and marketer of the world’s most versatile camo patterns. No matter where you hunt or enjoy the outdoors, there’s no better way to blend in with your surroundings than by wearing Realtree camo.

Mossy Oak

After 20 years, Mossy Oak ® has become more than just a camouflage company – they have grown to embody an outdoor lifestyle. With apparel, nearly 1,000 licensees, BioLogic wild game seed products, Mossy Oak Productions, Mossy Oak Properties and now the online Obsession, their many endeavors have been nothing short of ambitious. That’s why they say, “It’s not a passion. It’s an obsession.”

Hill Country Camo

Hill Country Camo is a complete hunting outfitter. They offer a wide range of cedar camouflage apparel products from T-shirts to sportsman shirts and BDU pants.  Their first pattern, Deadwood Cedar, launched in 2009.

M2D Camo

M2D Camo is made to deceive!  We are pleased to offer BunkerHead products in M2D patterns!  

Taggin' Out Hunting

Taggin Out Hunting is involved with all apects of hunting, fishing, trapping, and the filming of such excursions.  Their goal is to produce some of the finest online hunting entertainment on the entire web and be the industries new standard!

They provide Outdoor Filming Services for any outdoor enthusiasts that want to capture their footage and get it into a viewable stage.  A picture is worth a thousand words, the Video……a thousand words! has been a valuable resource for BunkerHead.  Chris Hustad and his buddy Jon Marr are stand-up guys who have helped us form our website to what it is now.  They feature us on their Forum Site!  Check them out! is a private, members-only resource-rich website that gives you direct, search-able access to a wealth of duck hunting information from top industry experts, successful guides & outfitters and other successful hunters like you in the form of articles, videos & audio interviews.

Subscribing gives you immediate 24/7 365 access to all the resources in the Members Area.  We at BunkerHead highly recommend you check them out!

Texas Concealed Handgun Classes in Tyler and Lindale!  When it comes to getting your CHL, make sure you have John Coblentz.

Haydel’s Game Calls is family owned and operated, and is nationally recognized as a leader in the manufacture of the finest quality game calls. Haydel’s founder and his sons are national champion callers, and the majority of Haydel’s employees are both hunters and callers.

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