We love how the facemask sits off of your face which is the big selling point by BunkerHead. There are few things more repulsing than having a net right up against your mouth, and within an hour it’s soaked with perspiration and sticks to your face. After testing it out in the field we are convinced that the No-Touch mask deserves a spot in our Hunting Face Mask ranking and is definitely worth the money!

WadingLab | WadingLab.com

With most masks going for right around the $20-$25 mark, I find it hard to justify not getting one of these masks. It’s more convenient and WAY more flexible than the slightly cheaper over the head style, and it doesn’t interfere with hearing, which is the most important to me.

The Hunting Gear Guy |


When I discovered the BunkerHead No-Touch face mask, I had to give it a try. I'm glad I did. I liked the idea of a face mask that doesn't touch my face, and which doesn't have elastic straps to cut into my ears, slip off my head, and wear out. So I set out to give them a real test, out in the woods. All in all, I think it's the best mask I've used for deer hunting. Keeps the fabric off my face and I can adjust it easily up and down. I've shot three deer while wearing it and scoped many more. 

Russ Chastain | Hunting.about.com

This is the best head concealment system on the market....PERIOD!.  The design of the facemask allows it to stay away from the face, but still provides the total concealment needed to keep a gobbler or other sharp eyed game from noticing your bright-colored face and skin.  

The Turkey Pro | Turkeyhuntingsecrets.com

For those with glasses that struggle with masks this is the bunkerhead ... It has a flexible wire u can bend and I really liked it ... No fogging and I wasn't constantly messing with it !!!

Charles | Florida

This product is the last word for face camo... I freakin love it!

Brian | Texas Bow Hunter

I love my BunkerHead face mask. Although it's totally different from any facemask I've ever worn before, it didn't take me long to figure out how perfectly adaptable it is to every hunting situation! It's so comfortable because nothing touches my face which means I'm not constantly tugging and scratching like I did with the other face masks I've worn. The BunkerHead is the last face mask I'll ever buy!

Richard | Houston, Texas

BunkerHead is awesome! No more gross uncomfortable face masks for me! I never hunt without my BunkerHead!

Quinn | Houston, TX

I'm always on the lookout for innovative products that perform better than the tools I'm currently using in the field. I wear glasses and had been on the lookout for a camo facemask system that works well with glasses.  I have tried using numerous camo head nets and face masks, but even when using anti-fog on my glasses, I inevitably ended up taking off my glasses due to fogging. Additionally, when I'm hunting in warm weather, or still-hunting, the head nets and face masks I have used hamper my vision, and they restrict airflow, which makes you heat up and sweat like you have a bag over your head.

I've been using the Bunkerhead facemask system for two years now, and I'm no longer looking for a better camo facemask system.  I use the system for deer hunting (archery, handgun, muzzleloader, rifle, and shotgun), turkey hunting, coyote hunting, and duck hunting. The system works great with all the various hunting platforms I engage.  When archery hunting the facemask has caused no issues with finding my anchor point.  I have attached two pictures from the 2016 Iowa turkey season. (Not the best pics.  One has the facemask mostly blocked, the other has the facemask pulled down and glasses off.)  I'll be using the system again on the 2017 Iowa turkey season this April - maybe I can get some better pics of the facemask.

The Bunkerhead facemask system is easy to use and it works.  The facemask doesn't touch my face or seal around my glasses.  My glasses don't fog in cold weather, and in warm weather it doesn't feel like my head is in a bag.  My experience with using the Bunkerhead system is no glasses fogging, unrestricted vision, less sweating and more comfort hunting in warm weather, and the additional benefit of being able to take a drink or eat a sandwich without removing the facemask system.

Great system, I am very satisfied with it.

Dave | Covington, TN 

Team Green Head Down finally got a chance to get in the field with our bunker heads , during our dove and resident goose opener in NC. Not only was it the most comfortable, versatile, and best blending camo face mask we have ever worn . it may very well have saved our lives !! With temperatures pushing 100 degrees on opening day if it wasn't for bunker head face mask I'm pretty sure we would have all died of west Nile virus and or sun burn! So from Team GHD we would like to thank you for a fun comfortable hunting experience , we believe your product will really revolutionize not only hunting but the outdoors experience all together . Thank you and we will be doing our part to spread the word on the east coast.

Brandon | North Carolina

The BunkerHead Facemask system is the most comfortable and versatile facemask I've ever come across. I love the fact that the face mask doesn't touch my face! I also love the fact that I can choose to cover my whole head, or just my face, depending on the particular hunting condition. There is no other face mask out there that compares with the comfort or versatility of the BunkerHead.

Greg | Scottsbluff, NB

The BunkerHead FaceMask System is ingenious! I do all kinds of hunting, including duck, deer, turkey, and varmint. I hunt in all sorts of weather conditions including hot and very cold. The BunkerHead System offers the right camouflage patterns, and the right fabric, for all of my hunting situations. And, I can hunt with a shotgun, rifle or bow! If you are looking for comfort and versatility, I highly recommend that you give the BunkerHead System a try.

Kevin | Raleigh, NC

There is no longer a good reason NOT to wear a face mask! For years I refused to wear face masks because they are so horribly uncomfortable and gross. The BunkerHead Face Mask System has solved those problems and now I ALWAYs wear a face mask. Even when I'm hunting out of a blind, the face mask keeps my nose warm without touching my face! I especially like the fact that it doesn't cause my glasses to fog up!

Jim | Port Arthur, TX