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BunkerHead Features the ONLY Facemask in the World that Doesn't Touch your Face!

One Size Fits All!

Adult or child, no problem. BunkerHead fits all!

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BunkerHead Features Products Made and Manufactured in the USA!

Patent-Pending Design!

BunkerHead's Revolutionary Design is Patent-Pending.

No-Touch Hunting Fasemask Face Mask Face Cover for Hunts


The BunkerHead No-Touch Hunting Facemask or hunting mask is a simple, light-weight hunting mask that is formable to any desired position for total comfort and concealment. No longer does a hunter have to endure the significant discomforts and irritations experienced with conventional head and camo face covers.

Hunting Hoodie for Covering your Neck during your Hunt


The BunkerHead Hoodie™ is designed to provide both total concealment and/or warmth when desired, all while in total comfort. With the BunkerHead Hoodie™ hunting headgear, there is no restriction to head movement, or loss of peripheral vision, such as is experienced with conventional hooded jackets and camouflage headgear.

SunShield Sun Protection for Protection of you Neck from the Sun


Wouldn’t you prefer to wear your favorite baseball cap when you’re fishing, hiking, boating, gardening, or just enjoying the great outdoors? Aren’t you tired of having to purchase single-purpose sun protection hat? Well, fret no more! Your Outdoor headwear problems are solved with the BunkerHead System SunShield!

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